5 Best Free Blu-ray Rippers to Rip Blu-ray Easily (2024 Picks)

When you have purchased a Blu-ray Disc and is ready to play on a device, you discover it failing to read the disc, why? Today, when Blu-ray Discs are encrypted with Blu-ray region codes and other protection methods, you may encounter playback failures when your devices can't decode the encryptions. Hence, ripping the Blu-ray to decrypt protection with a free Blu-ray ripper can be the ultimate solution to get out of this trouble.

Next, we are going to introduce the 5 best free Blu-ray ripper software that has been tested to be helpful to rip Blu-ray on Windows/Mac. Now, keep reading and pick the ideal option to free encrypted Blu-ray Discs and enjoy them in more flexible ways.


Best Free Blu-ray Ripper: Selection Criteria

This ranking list selects the best Blu-ray rippers based on the following essential criteria that many users would care about the most:

  • Whether it is possible to decrypt Blu-ray protections?
  • If the output quality can be maintained losslessly to deliver a nice Blu-ray playback?
  • Will it preserve full audio tracks, subtitles, and chapter menus to deliver a friendly Blu-ray movie streaming?
  • Can the ripping speed be accelerated without spending hours on the Blu-ray ripping process?
  • Is the Blu-ray ripper easy to use even for new starters to quickly get their hands on?

If the Blu-ray rippers can meet these standards, they can surely provide users with quality-guaranteed, efficient, and original outputs in a time-saving way.

Based on them, the following 5 best free Blu-ray rippers are selected to be the most reliable options to deliver you a friendly Blu-ray ripping experience on Windows and Mac desktops. Now, keep reading and grasping them.

5 Best Free Blu-ray Rippers Software for Mac/Windows

Pay attention that the following recommended free Blu-ray rippers deliver completely free services without requiring you to pay a penny. They all have certain strengths to deliver you a nice Blu-ray ripping process. Grasp an overview of them:

  • HandBrake - Free Blu-ray ripper software with high customization on parameters
  • MakeMKV - Ensure completely lossless quality to rip Blu-ray in original sizes
  • VLC - Optional mainstream formats to output ripped ripped Blu-ray videos
  • Free Blu-ray Ripper - Fast ripping process ensured by acceleration techs
  • AIseesoft Free Blu-ray Ripper Ripper - Straightforward free Blu-ray ripping software with various mainstream output formats to select
Next, grasp more details about these 5 best free DVD and Blu-ray rippers right away.

Top 1. HandBrake

Best for

Free Blu-ray ripper software with high customization on parameters before ripping


Windows, Mac, Linux


• Intuitive interface;

• Easy customization on output parameters ;

• Optional audio tracks and subtitles to select ripping.


• Only for unprotected Blu-ray Discs ripping;

• Quality is a bit compressed;

• Longer ripping process required.

To rip Blu-ray for free on Windows and Mac, HandBrake can be a helpful free Blu-ray ripper software performing with stable transcoding method to help you convert Blu-ray to digital video files just by clicks. The highlight of HandBrake should be its full customization ability, providing flexible design output parameters to define your Blu-ray playback experience on any device.

HandBrake also allows you to select audio tracks, subtitles, and chapters to rip with the Blu-ray videos in requirements. However, you need to pay attention that this free Blu-ray Disc ripper doesn't help to rip encrypted Blu-rays at all. So make sure the Blu-ray Discs are region-free before ripping Blu-ray with HandBrake or it will fail to work.

HandBrake Blu-ray

Top 2. MakeMKV

Best for

Ensure completely lossless quality to rip Blu-ray in original sizes


Windows, Mac, Linux


• Maintain lossless quality to rip Blu-rays;

• Easy steps to complete Blu-ray ripping;

• Encrypted Blu-ray discs supported;

• Audio tracks and subtitles preservation.


• Large output file sizes;

• Takes long time to rip Blu-ray Discs;

• MKV is the only output format to select.

Delivering lossless quality output to rip Blu-rays, MakeMKV is also one of the best free Blu-ray ripping software you shall not miss. The software takes only a few clicks to process the Blu-ray ripping, and it supports decrypting Blu-ray encryption to save protection Blu-rays to free MKV files for playing without limitations. As MKV is a lossless format to encode uncompressed content, your Blu-ray videos will be maintained without any quality loss during the ripping process.

But a drawback of MakeMKV should be its low ripping efficiency. While processing a lossless Blu-ray Disc ripping, it takes time to deal with the uncompressed decoding, so the speed will be pretty slow. Also, the output sizes of the outputted MKV videos will be quite large. If you want to smaller the sizes, you will need to find an extra video compressor to help.

Convert Blu-ray to Digital in MakeMKV

Top 3. VLC

Best for

Optional mainstream formats to output ripped Blu-ray videos to increase the compatibility


Windows, Mac, Linux


• Easy steps to rip Blu-rays;

• Support both homemade and encrypted disc ripping;

• Basic customization is available.


• A library file installation is needed;

• Lossy output quality.

Don't miss VLC, a media player equipped with a hidden free Blu-ray ripper to help you rip Blu-ray to mainstream formats such as MP4. As open-source software, you don't need to pay an extra penny to use the ripping function, and can directly use the streaming feature of the player to enjoy Blu-ray playback after ripping successfully.

To enable simple steps to rip Blu-rays, VLC has designed the in-app process to be simple enough. It also offers basic customization to define the Blu-ray output settings in requirements. Better still, VLC can support ripping both homemade and encrypted Blu-rays (after the library file is installed). 

As a cross-platform supported software, you can use this free Blu-ray ripper to digitalize Blu-ray Discs to enjoy a more flexible playback experience on more devices.

Top 4. Free Blu-ray Ripper

Best for

Fast ripping process ensured by acceleration techs


Windows, Mac


• Intuitive interface;

• Quick speed ensured by multiple hardware acceleration techs;

• More customization settings;

• Built-in video editor equipped.


• Free version only provides basic ripping function without editing ability.

If you get tired of waiting for hours long to rip Blu-ray Discs, Free Blu-ray Ripper can absolutely boost the efficiency with advanced hardware acceleration techs applied. This free Blu-ray ripper has enabled the acceleration embedded in the software, which can be automatically activated while starting to process Blu-ray ripping, saving much time.

Free Blu-ray Ripper also offers more output formats than many other free Blu-ray ripping software. Also, more customization settings can be accessed in Free Blu-ray Ripper to define the output quality. The software is also equipped with a built-in editor to let you adjust the video effects before outputting, ensuring the best condition to rip Blu-ray for you.

Free Blu-ray Ripper

Top 5. Aleesoft Free Blu-ray Ripper

Best forStraightforward free Blu-ray ripping software with various mainstream output formats to select

• Various formats and device models to select;

• HD quality maintained;

• Flexible output parameters adjust;

• Trimming and cropping feature to smaller the large Blu-ray video sizes.


• Only compatible with Windows system;

• Not efficient at all.

Finally, let's turn to Aleesoft Free Blu-ray Ripper, a simple and free Blu-ray ripper designed for Windows users to easily unlock Blu-ray protections and rip Blu-ray to various of digital formats for convenient playback later. The software also offers a set of device models to select ripping the discs to their compatible formats by default, making it easier for you to transfer and preserve ripped Blu-ray videos on them without hassle.

However, Aleesoft Free Blu-ray Ripper only offers a Windows version today, so if you are finding a Blu-ray ripper Mac free tool, you'd better consider another alternative.

AIseesoft Free Blu-ray Ripper

As you can see, the above free Blu-ray ripper software contains certain limitations. Some perform at lower speed, while others lacks more output formats to select. Hence, you probably desire a more professional alternative as a backup when they can't fully meet your demands. For this purpose, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is better recommended.v

Most Powerful Blu-ray/DVD Ripper - VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper delivers the most powerful Blu-ray/DVD ripping ability, fulfilling all criteria the "best" free Blu-ray ripper should meet. It is able to decrypt all types of Blu-ray encryptions, and offers 300+ mainstream formats for you to select ripping the discs to, meanwhile, with full audio tracks, subtitles, and chapter menu preserved.

In addition, it ensures a 1:1 ratio to maintain the highest 4K resolution to rip Blu-ray without quality loss. With the hardware acceleration teches applied, you can enjoy 6X faster speed to complete the Blu-day ripping without hassle!

How to Rip Blu-ray Disc for Free with VideoByte

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper offers 30 days to rip Blu-ray without charge. Here, you are able to go through the steps below and grasp how to decrypt Blu-ray Disc for free with this free Blu-ray ripper:

You can check the video guide to learn how to rip Blu-ray for free with Video Byte BD-DVD Ripper

STEP 1. Download and Launch VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. After inserting the Blu-ray Disc, hit "Load Blu-ray" > "Load Blu-ray Disc" to import the media to the software and get ready to rip the disc.

Load Blu-ray

STEP 2. You are able to select Blu-ray videos containing in the disc to rip as you desire. Simply click the "Full Movie List" and choose. If you leave the settings by default, only the main Blu-ray movie will be ripped.

Select Blu-ray Videos to Rip

Next, under the media list, it is also possible for you to choose the audio tracks and subtitles to rip with the Blu-ray as you desire.

Choose Audios and Subtitles

STEP 3. Move to the upper-right "Rip All to" format menu. Here you  are available to adjust the output format in any resolution in requirements.

Choose Output Format and Resolution

STEP 4. Finally, give a go by hitting the "Rip All" icon, then VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper will process the Blu-ray ripping for you right away.

Rip Button

FAQs About Free Blu-ray Ripper

Before getting started ripping Blu-ray Discs, you are also available to go through these FAQs to solve any confusion if you have.

Q1. Can I Convert Blu-ray to a Digital Copy?

Absolutely yes. No matter you select a professional Blu-ray decrypter like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper or a free Blu-ray ripper, you can convert Blu-ray to digital and save the ripped media files to any device for easier access and streaming, without taking the Blu-ray Discs everywhere with you.

Q2. Is It Legal to Rip Blu-ray Disc?

Ripping Blu-ray discs for personal usage is absolutely legal. But when you use the ripper Blu-ray videos for any commercial purpose and cause actual loss to the creators, you will be accused of breaking the copyright law.


After going through the 5 best free Blu-ray rippers in the blog, you probably discover an ideal pick to rip Blu-rays for more convenient playback across devices without using a Blu-ray player hardware. 

As these free Blu-ray ripping software may contain certain drawbacks, the all-featured professional Blu-ray ripper, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can be a perfect alternative, performing at pretty quick speed, high quality, and with great security to tip Blu-ray Discs encrypted with all protection methods for you. Now, make your choice and process the Blu-ray ripping in ways you like!

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