How to Copy DVD Movie to A Blank DVD Disc (Free Method Included)

Some DVD collectors are still seeking a way to copy DVD disc to a blank DVD disc for backup. If you’ve got a plethora of hard DVD discs, obviously you’re in favor of this nostalgic storage method of visual content. Therefore, to keep your DVD collections safe, you should always know how to copy a DVD to another DVD for a plan B. Actually, DVD to DVD copy is a complex process, not to mention that most DVDs have copyright protection. But with VideoByte DVD Copy, things will be easier.

Meanwhile, if you have a demand for copying homemade DVD collections (such as home videos and wedding videos) to new DVD discs, you can also resort to a free method with ImgBurn in the fourth part of this article.

For simplicity, we will directly share the instructions on how to copy DVD to DVD disc next. Before we start, you can choose to know some basic things. Or you can go to part 2 to view the steps.


Learn Some Basic Principles of DVD Copy

Copy Protected DVD

We know most commercial DVD movie discs are protected or region-restricted. So, to copy these protected DVD discs, we first have to remove the copyright protection or region code. Then we can start copying the DVD structures. Not all DVD copy software can decrypt DVD protections but VideoByte DVD Copy can. That's why we recommend it here.

VideoByte DVD Copy is specially designed for the DVD movie lovers who want to back up their DVDs to prevent them from damage or getting lost. It can copy both homemade and commercial DVD disc to blank DVD, ISO image or DVD folder at 1:1 ratio. When it detects the protection on the disc, it will automatically remove them from the DVD disc after you finish copying DVDs to DVDs.

It takes a great convenience to back up DVD movie disc for these DVD users. Better still, it has a trial version that offers 3 free chances to copy DVDs. As not all computers equip with dis drives, there are 2 types of DVD copying to tell you how to copy a DVD:

When There're 2 Disc Drive:

(1) Insert the source disc to a readable disc drive and insert the blank disc to a writable disc drive.

(2) Open VideoByte DVD Copy and choose the source and target.

(3) Copy the source DVD disc to blank DVD disc.

When There's 1 Disc Drive

As you only have 1 disc drive, you can copy your DVD disc to ISO image file then burn the ISO image to DVD. VideoByte DVD Copy can both do that for you.


Make sure your disc drive is recordable and writable.

(1) Insert the source disc to the disc drive.

(2) Open VideoByte DVD Copy and copy the source disc to ISO image file.

(3) Take out the source disc and insert the blank disc to the disc drive.

(4) Import the ISO image file and burn the ISO image to the blank DVD disc.

Well, now you can go to next part to see how to use VideoByte DVD Copy to finish the task above. In addition, policies on copying DVD discs are different from country to country. Before you try to copy DVD disc to another DVD disc or computer, make sure you're not against the local laws. At the same time, we should insist on having every right to get a copy of DVD discs we've already purchased. This post aims to provide effective but simple solutions on copying DVD discs that we've already owned for private use only. And it’s not recommended to copy rent or borrowed DVD discs with the purpose of commercial profit.

How to Copy a DVD to Another DVD with Few Steps

Before you go, make sure you get the above items ready and start copying DVDs to DVDs.

Step 1. Launch VideoByte DVD Copy

Install the VideoByte DVD Copy on the computer and then launch it. Next, insert your source disc to the disc drive. If you have 2 disc drives, you can insert the blank disc to another drive.

Step 2. Import Source/Set Target

Now from the "File" > "Select Source" to choose the source DVD disc. Then choose "Select Target" to set the output file. You can choose the disc drive which includes the blank disc. If you only have 1 disc drive, you need to choose ISO image file as your output first.

Select Source

Step 3. Copy DVD to DVD

To keep the 1:1 original quality, you'd better select "Full Movie" from the copy mode options. Then click on "Next" > "Start" to duplicate your DVD movie disc. Usually, it will take some time to finish the copy. You can do other things and the program will get all things done.

Copying DVD

Step 4. Burn ISO to DVD (For 1 Disc Drive)

If you only have 1 drive, you need one more step - burn the ISO image to DVD. Insert a blank disc to your disc drive and repeat Step 1 to Step 3. Please be noted that here you need choose your ISO image file as the Source and the blank disc as output.

Select Target

Do you know how to copy your DVD disc to DVD with VideoByte DVD Copy? If you still have problems, contact the support team and they will help you solve them.

Tutorial Video on How to Copy DVD to DVD with VideoByte DVD Copy

[Free] How to Copy Unprotected DVD on Windows 10/7 without Extra App

Generally, if your DVD disc is unprotected, you can follow the steps below to copy DVD to DVD for free on Windows 10/Windows 7 without extra app.

Step 1. Insert source DVD disc into the disc drive and copy the entire content from the disc to computer.

Step 2. Take out the source disc and insert a blank disc into the drive. When the computer read the disc successfully, it will pop up a window and you need to select "Burn files to disc".

Step 3. Then, on the popup "Burn to disc" window, give a "Disc title" and then choose "With a CD/DVD Player" option to burn created DVD folder to DVD.

Step 4. Finally, drag and drop your DVD content on computer to the DVD burning window that shows desktop.ini for burning to blank DVD disc.

This free method can only be applied to the unprotected DVD movie disc. If you want to back up your protected DVD movies, you'd better select reliable and powerful VideoByte DVD Copy.

For some new DVD copying users, they might get confused when Windows requires them to adjust the settings like “With a CD/DVD Player”. Therefore, a totally-free and open-source DVD burning program ImgBurn will be introduced, which supports to copy and burn DVD contents to a new DVD disc within 3 steps. File formats like ISO image or Video_TS folder are fully supported for burning here. Let’s cut to the chase.

[Easy & Free] How to Burn DVD Contents to New DVD Disc with ImgBurn on Windows


ImgBurn is only available on Windows and it now only supports burning unprotected DVD contents. If you want to burn the commercial DVDs you purchased for personal usage, you can try the easy-to-use and intuitive VideoByte DVD Copy.

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of ImgBurn. Directly scroll down to the download section and choose the latest version to download. Be aware not to click some ads.

Download ImgBurn

Step 2. On the main interface, choose write image when you get iso files. If you get a folder consisting of several Video_TS files (normally ended with “.VOB”, “.IFO”, etc.), you should choose write files/folders to disc.

ImgBurn Choose to Image or Folder Burning

Step 3. Here is the final step! No matter you choose write image or folders to disc, you will get the same burning button on the bottom of ImgBurn in step 3. Before click on it, make sure you get the correct source by clicking on the “Browse” icon, as well as click to check the correct destination for burning to the correct disc.

ImgBurn Burn ISO Image File

FAQs on Copying DVD to DVD

1. How to Copy DVD to DVD with HandBrake?

Unfortunately, HandBrake as a power open-source video transcoder, can only support to rip DVDs to MP4 or other formats. It now does not allow to burn MP4 files to DVD, which means you can’t copy DVD to DVD within HandBrake only.

2. How to Copy Movies from DVD?

Generally speaking, there are copy protections on movie DVDs that prevent from distributing improperly. Therefore, to make things easier, you need a powerful and competent DVD copying software to copy protected DVDs.