7 Best Free DVD Decrypter Software (Windows & Mac)

Most commercial DVDs are encrypted with DVD protection codes, preventing people from converting them to media files of mainstream formats using common DVD rippers. Hence, some software is developed with decryption functionality to help people overcome this problem and easily save DVD videos for playing without a hard drive.

Thus, this blog has collected the 7 best DVD decrypter software you are able to give a try. Through comparison, select the best one for yourself to decrypt those encrypted DVDs for enjoying the DVD video streaming in more flexible ways!

DVD Decrypter Software

1. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper (All-round DVD Decrypter Program)



•         Both DVD and Blu-ray supported;

•         Compatible with all DVD/Blu-ray types and encryption methods;

•         Accelerated performance but quality-lossless outputs;

•         Intuitive design and functionality;

•         Responsive customer support.

•         The free trial limits 5-minute conversion.


The first DVD decrypter software recommendation for you is VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. The software empowers the powerful ability to get rid of different protection methods, and rip commercial DVDs and Blu-rays to over 300 mainstream formats and device presets within very simple clicks.

It will maintain at 1:1 ratio to help users get the ripped DVD videos at lossless quality. Meanwhile, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper will ensure fast speed to complete the decrypting process with advanced hardware acceleration teches applied. From the stability, ability, and performance, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper always stands on top if you are considering the best DVD decrypter software to help. Now, the software offers free trial for usage. Just download and try it.


  • Encryption methods like APS, CSS, ARccOS, CPRM, AACS, BD+, and Cinavia can all be decrypted;
  • Over 300 mainstream formats to output ripped media;
  • Preservation of quality-lossless video/audio effects;
  • Flexible parameter settings available for personalized the outputs;
  • Full subtitles and audio tracks preserved;
  • Available to accelerate to 6X faster ripping speed;
  • Built-in video editor and management toolbox provided.

You can view a quick guide on how to use VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper below:

2. Handbrake



•         100% free to use;

•         Frequent updates ensured the best functionality;

•         Fast decrypting speed.

•         Only 3 video output formats available to select;

•         Require installing extra file to process the decrypted DVDs ripping.

Another freeware to decrypt DVDs without hassle, consider Handbrake. However, the software itself is not compatible with the protected DVD decrypting function. Instead, you are required to install the libdvdcss file from VLC to activate the functionality. It would be a bit complicated to do it. But the decrypting speed of Handbrake is fast, and its mainstream outputs allow you to transfer the ripped DVD media to most devices for offline viewing or listening. Don't worry about extra cost required as Handbrake is completely free to use.



  • Available to convert both DVDs and Blu-rays to mainstream formats;
  • MP4, MKV, WebM and other 87 preset profiles provided to select;
  • Built-in decoding method ensuring fast DVD/Blu-ray conversion speed.

3. WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition



•         High quality output preservation;

•         Increased decrypting speed;

•         Customized quality settings available;

•         Encrypted DVD decryption supported.

•         Unavailable to edit media in the free version;

•         Old scratched or damaged DVDs decryption are not supported for free;

•         The fastest ripping speed is only available for subscribers.

As a free DVD decrypter software, WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition offers the payment-free functionality for users to decrypt DVDs and convert the media to general video files without hassle. It offers the mainstream MP4 to increase the compatibility of the decrypted videos, enabling users to stream them back on more devices or media players as they desire.

In addition to the physical discs, WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition is also compatible with ISO, folders, and damaged/99-title discs (subscription required) decryption. Although the classic interface of the software sometimes would get you confused, it is still worth trying for its smooth conversion experience provided.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


  • Homemade and commercial DVDs decryption supported;
  • Various mainstream output formats provided;
  • Popular preset profiles to encode ripped DVD media;
  • Preservation of 1:1 quality to save DVD copies;
  • Available to customize output parameters freely.

4. MakeMKV



•         Encrypted discs ripping supported (no extension installation required);

•         Completely free for usage;

•         Simple interface to grasp the functionality.

•         Only MKV is provided to output media;

•         No hardware acceleration to speed up decryption;

•         Unavailable to preserve output media at 1:1 quality;

•         Lack of editing or parameter adjustment features for users.

Another one-click DVD decrypter software you are able to try is MakeMKV. It offers the easy-to-grasp functionality for users to grasp the video clips from DVD discs, then convert them to mainstream video formats with metadata and chapters info preserved to ensure the same-quality offline streaming experience. MakeMKV is compatible with both DVDs as well as Blu-rays. Additionally, it will be able to help remove the encryption from the discs, including those commercial ones you have purchased back home.

Makemkv Click the DVD Icon


  • Compatible encrypted DVD/Blu-ray discs ripping;
  • Preservation of full metadata and chapter info via ripped media;
  • HD audio tracks are preserved available.

5. DVDFab HD Decrypter



•         Intuitive design ensuring easy-to-grasp functionality;

•         Fast decrypting speed ensured;

•         High-quality outputs;

•         Free of charge.

•         The bulky software would take a bit longer to setup;

•         New encrypted methods excluded in the free version;

•         Only 3 output formats supported.

To ensure high output quality in preserving the decrypted DVD media, DVDFab HD Decrypter is another nice pick you shall not miss. The software is compatible with both Blu-rays and DVDs ripping, including the ability to deal with encrypted discs as well. A highlight of DVDFab HD Decrypter should be its ability for selecting decrypting the full disc or using main movie mode, enabling you to decrypt the titles freely from the DVDs as you desire.

Also, no matter the quality, speed, or user experience, DVDFab HD Decrypter will maintain the best for you. Hence, if you consider a free DVD decrypter software but with professional outputs, DVDFab HD Decrypter will be a good choice.



  • Both encrypted and free DVD/Blu-ray discs, ISO files, folders decryption supported;
  • Full disc and main movie mode available to select to rip media from discs;
  • Up to 4K resolution to preserve videos;
  • Turbo speed supported to ensure fast decrypting performance.

6. DVDSrhink



•         Classic but intuitive interface;

•         Fast ripping speed;

•         Full control on the ripping process.

•         Only compatible with Windows system;

•         MP4, IFO, VOB, and BUP are the only output formats to select.

DVDSrhink is specially provided for Windows users to decrypted DVDs without hassle. It offers a classic but simple-to-grasp interface, enabling users to control the DVD decrypting process without wasting much time. Before the decryption is processed, DVDSrhink will provide the video preview for users to check the media at first. It also comes with customized options to adjust the quality freely as users desire. You are able to instantly check the decrypting process with its live preview mode as well. All in all, DVDSrhink is a reliable open source DVD decrypter software you can trust.


  • Available to auto-detect DVD-ROM;
  • Content previewing mode available;
  • Customized settings to adjust output quality;
  • Live previewing mode to instantly check the decrypting status;
  • Avaiable to generate IFO, VOB, or BUP files.

7. Freemake Video Converter



•         Easy-to-grasp functionality;

•         All mainstream formats available;

•         Fast ripping speed;

•         Free to use;

•         Flexible decrypting settings.

•         Watermarks would be added to decrypted videos;

•         Some functions still requiring activation;

•         Only compatible with Windows system.

The final recommended free DVD decrypter software is Freemake Video Converter. Although it doesn't take a penny from users to use the DVD decrypting feature, it still empowers the intuitive functionality at high-quality and speedy performance for you. With the compatibility of the mainstream formats supported by most devices, you are able to stream them offline in a more flexible way. Meanwhile, Freemake Video Converter also enables users to select decrypting the exact titles contained in the DVDs, helping to save certain storage instead of decrypting the whole disc at once.

Convert DVD With Freemake


  • Powerful functionality to decrypt DVDs at quick speed;
  • Mainstream formats and preset device models available to output DVD media;
  • High resolutions supported saving decrypted DVD videos;
  • Blu-ray discs decryption compatible;
  • Original audio tracks and subtitles preservation;
  • Simple editing functions provided.

Table Comparison of the 7 Best Free DVD Decrypter

Before heading to the detailed review of the 7 best free DVD decrypter for Windows 1, you are able to check this comparison chart to preview their performances in different aspects:


Output Format

Output Quality

Decrypting Speed

Rip Protected DVD

Support Blu-ray

Compatible Systems

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

300+ options

1:1 ratio

6X faster

Windows, Mac


MP4(.M4V), .MKV, WebM,  AAC / HE-AAC, MP3, etc.

High quality

Batch decrypting ability


Windows, Mac, Linux

WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition

350+ options

1:1 ratio

Faster speed than CPU encoding only

Windows, Mac



Compressed quality

No hardware acceleration

Windows, Mac, Linux

DVD Fab HD Decrypter

3 options selectable

Up to 4K resolution

Turbo-speed ensured

Windows, Mac


MP4, IFO, VOB, and BUP

Selectable quality options

Fast decrypting speed


Freemake Video Converter

500+ options

Up to 4K resolution

Fast decrypting speed



Check these FAQs cared for by most users towards DVD decryption here.

Q1. Can the 7 DVD decrypter software decrypt Blu-ray Discs?

A: You are able to check through the comparison chart above to grasp the DVD decrypter software available for decrypting Blu-ray discs. If you consider high-quality, stable, fast, and multifunction software with more mainstream formats available to decrypt Blu-rays, VideoByte BD-DVD ripper is an ideal option for you.

Q2. Can Handbrake rip copy-protected DVDs?

A: In the former part of the blog, we have reviewed Handbrake with details to you. To conclude, Handbrake itself doesn't provide the function to rip encrypted DVDs. Instead, you are required to install an extra file to process the protected DVD decryption.

Q3. Is DVD Decrypter legal?

A: If you process the DVD decryption only for personal usage and streaming, the action is absolutely legal. But it would turn to be illegal when you use decrypted DVD media to earn profits.


From this blog, the 7 best free DVD decrypter software has been introduced now. Simply compare them and select the most ideal option for yourself to process the DVD decryption on desktops without hassle!