How to Fix the Error - Windows Media Player Won‘t Play DVD

"I tried to play a DVD on Windows Media Player and it said extension that is not recognized. I want to play anyways then the message says Windows Media Player cannot find the file."
Are you getting the same problem when trying to play DVD on Windows Media Player (WMP) as above? Actually the bad news comes true. It is said that the new updating WMP 12 will no longer support playing DVD on Windows 8 to 10. As a result, the error "Windows Media Player won't play DVD" occurs whenever you try to play DVD.
So in this post we will offer solutions for you to work out the problem of DVD won't play on Windows Media Player. In addition, we recommend a more stable and professional DVD player to help you, in case you have more expectations on DVD playing.

Fix the Error "Windows Media Player Won't Play DVD"

Case 1. If the error message shown is like the screenshot below "Windows Media Player requires a DVD decoder to play DVD media", you can simply search on the internet to download and install any DVD decoder.


Case 2. If the error message tells you that "there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive", you need to solve it by removing or installing another decoder. That is mainly the problem from your commercial DVD which has digital protection. Or you can choose to update your DVD driver, video card driver and DVD decoder respectively.


Case 3. Sometimes the error occurs just because some improper setting in your player. So you can change the setting of the windows display, such as lower the screen resolution and quality; or you can restore the system before playing, in the situation where you have successfully played DVD in previous time.

Play DVD on WMP or Anywhere Else Without Problem

WMP will pay less attention to develop DVD playback function as we can see in its newest version. If you don't want to download its old version or lower your computer's version, you need another DVD player.

Therefore, in case there are more unexpected problems turning up in the future, getting your own DVD player will be a save choice. VideoByte Blu-Ray Player----the best Windows Media Player alternative, is a simple but powerful tool. This program is not only a DVD player, it is also a Blu-ray player, which enables you to perfectly play commercial or home-made DVD on your Windows PC.

Outstanding Features:

• Play Blu-ray, DVDs, ISO files and folders on Windows or Mac.

• Support playing HD (720p/1080p), Ultra HD 4K videos.

• Play common video and audio files like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, etc.

• Select preferred language, video quality, audio track and subtitles.

User Guide: How to Play DVD On VideoByte Blu-ray Player

• Launch the program

• Click "Open Disc" to load source files

• Click "Play Movie" to enjoy the HD movie

Menu Chapter

Bonus DVD Converter: VideoByte DVD Ripper

If you want to watch DVDs on more devices without limitation of format, you can use VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. This program can rip DVD to formats that are compatible with iPhone, iPod, and more portable devices. Go to free download and install the trial version. Then you can launch the program and follows the steps:

Click "Load Disc" to insert your DVD files> Choose the output format> Set the parameters and the destination of your output file> Edit video> Tap on "Convert" button to start conversion.
Great! You have fixed the error. With VideoByte DVD Ripper, you are able to use this DVD player to playback any DVD files both on your PC or Mac, but also you own a professional Blu-ray player. Please feel free to share this post if you think it is helpful.