7 Best Free Blu-ray Player for Mac (And How to Choose)

As Apple has gradually removed the optical drive from Mac series computers, you may be still looking for an external Blu-ray drive to play your Blu-ray movie collections. And a common situation that you may notice is that most free Blu-ray player apps for Mac available in the market cannot provide a comprehensive Blu-ray playback function. There might be chances that these free Blu-ray players fail to recognize a region locked Blu-ray disc.


Therefore, if you want a better movie-watching experience, a more professional Blu-ray Player for BD disc playback on Mac is quite essential. It can quickly sweep your worries away and get you a wonderful night to enjoy your Blu-ray collections. In the following, we’ve rounded up the top 7 free Blu-ray player software perfectly running on Mac computers. Also, you will have an insight into their pros and cons.


Part 1. A Professional Mac Blu-ray Player that We Recommend

For those who are addicted to Blu-ray movies, our top recommendation is VideoByte Blu-ray Player. It wins many loyal users for its expert performance in playing Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray ISO, and Blu-ray folders on Mac. The outstanding Blu-ray Player supports decrypting disc DRM protection and unlocks region code so as to ensure a smooth Blu-ray discs playback experience

Playback quality is another factor that VideoByte highly cares about. It unswervingly pursues excellent video and audio quality to deliver a cinema-like experience. The upgraded version even provides up to 4K video quality without any loss of frame. DTS and Dolby Digital are supported as well. Additionally, it also reads the menu of your disc and lets you take full control of the Blu-ray playback, such as adjusting the subtitles, audio tracks, and titles. You can easily navigate through different chapters of the disk. here’s how to play Blu-ray discs on Mac with VideoByte.

3 Simple Steps to Play Any Blu-ray Movie Discs on Mac


To play Blu-ray disc, you need to prepare an external optical drive connected with your MacBook Pro, iMac, etc. Then connect your Mac computer to the Internet.

Step 1. After the download and installation process, launch VideoByte Blu-ray Player on your Mac. Then click "Open Disc" button to load the Blu-ray movie.

VideoByte Blu-ray Player

Step 2. Then the program will pop up a window for you to choose. Select the Blu-ray disc and click on "OK" to continue.

Player Main Mac

Step 3. After loading the Blu-ray disc, a Blu-ray menu will appear. Then, you can select the "Subtitle", "Audio Track" and "Title" that your preferred. Or you can directly start watching the Blu-ray movie on Mac by clicking "Play Movie".

Menu Subtitle Mac

VideoByte Blu-ray Player is really a good choice for convenient Blu-ray playback and delivers you a cinema-like experience. Free to download and have a try!

Part 2. Top 7 Free Blu-ray Player for Mac 2021 at a Glance

Top 1. VLC Media Player for Mac

Developed by the folks at VideoLAN, VLC Media Player is a well-known and versatile player for Mac & Windows that can easily play DVD, CD, and VCD discs. Better still, the 2.0 and later version can perform as a free Blu-ray player to help you smoothly play non-protected Blu-ray disc on Mac with some extra operations. We also list the detailed steps on this article: How to Play Blu-ray Movie with VLC on Windows & Mac. But not all Blu-ray disc can be supported due to the update of disc protection.

VLC Media Player for Mac


  • No spyware and safe.
  • No pop-up advertisement.
  • Multiple customization settings.



  • It needs extra steps to play Blu-ray discs.
  • Not all Blu-ray movies are supported.
  • No Blu-ray menus so that users must select a title to play manually.
  • Some playback problems such as VLC subtitles delay, no sound can appear when playing commercial Blu-ray.

Top 2. Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac

Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac is a real Blu-ray player that offers comprehensive solutions for users to play Blu-ray disc, folder, and ISO image. It also provides the Blu-ray menu to let you fully control the media playback. But during our testing, it appears several annoying problems. For instance, when playing a Blu-ray disc on old computers, the program always crashes and becomes unstable. Despite the odds of unexpectedly down, it still serves as an easy-to-use region free Blu-ray player. You can read from the link below to get the full review: Leawo Blu-ray Player Review – Play Blu-ray/DVD on Computer Freely.

Leawo Blu-ray Player


  • Supports Blu-ray disc in all regions.
  • Provides Blu-ray menu control.
  • Able to play video/audio files like 4K MKV, HD AVI, SD MP4, etc.
  • Simple to use and has an intuitive interface.



  • Crashes several times when start playing Blu-ray/DVD disc.
  • A little hard to use the virtual mouse to control the Blu-ray menu.
  • The speed of loading Blu-ray disc can take 35 seconds which is slower than other products.
  • Uses too much CPU of computer.
  • Ads included.

Top 3. Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player

Macgo has two version Mac Blu-ray players for Mac users. What we introduce today is its free version - Macgo Blu-ray Player, a blue icon software. This free bluray Mac player can decrypt commercial Blu-ray disc easily. But when it comes to playback experience, the free Macgo Blu-ray Player may pale in comparison with other free tools such as VLC. It may get laggy and sometimes drop frame or get stuck.


Other factor that could affect your experience is its watermark. Unless you upgrade to the pro version, the watermark in the center will not disappear during your viewing. And for those who value sound quality, it needs to be noted that the free version cannot support DTS and Dolby sound.

Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player


  • Play commercial Blu-ray disc easily.
  • High video quality supported for playback.



  • Watermark in the picture center.
  • Consumes high CPU usage.

Top 4. Free Mac Blu-ray Player

As its name suggested, Free Mac Blu-ray Player is capable of playing Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and ISO files without limitation. Users can choose any chapter, audio tracks and subtitles freely to have a wonderful Blu-ray watching experience. It also acts as a common video and audio player to open media files of popular formats including MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV and so on.


Still, the program will impose a watermark when playing your BD discs. And it gives no option to view your Blu-ray movie in full screen. Therefore, if you prefer to create GIFs or take screenshots from your favorite scenes, you need to find an extra editing tools to remove the watermark. Moreover, you won’t get 24X7 customer support in the free edtition.


  • Provides Blu-ray disc menu.
  • No ads and safe.



  • Watermark on top left corner.
  • No permission to switch to full screen.
  • Technical upgrade is slow and the latest upgrade was launched in 2019.
  • Cannot open some newly-released Blu-ray movie discs.
  • No customer support in free edition.

Top 5. Aurora Blu-ray Media Player

Another Mac Blu-ray player software is Aurora Blu-ray Media Player. It is an ideal Blu-ray player software for Mac. Aurora Blu-ray Media Player can open DVD, ISO, VCD, and HD videos. If you have an outstanding home audio system, you can also get the best sound experience via output channels such as TrueHD 2.1 and DTS HD 7.1 when using Aurora Blu-ray Player. When watching movies, you may find a scene resonate with you and feel eager to share your feelings with other avid movie fans, Aurora even comes with a share button to conveniently share your reviews with friends on social media.


As powerful as Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is, the software also puts a watermark on its free trial version. Besides, the Aurora media player contains several different settings that may require a steep learning curve to grasp.


  • Supports multiple languages of subtitles and soundtrack.
  • Superb sound experience.



  • Has watermark on free version.
  • Possesses with a rather complex interface.

Top 6. DVDFab Player for Mac

DVDFab Player is one of the most advanced MacBook/MacBook pro Blu-ray players. Similar with other Blu-ray media player, the program can open Blu-ray discs with main movie titles and background audio. What’s more, it offers menu playback controls for DVDs and Blu-ray. To ensure a high quality for viewing, DVDFab Player supports HEVC, 4K UHD, and other digital media files such as AVI and MP4. When playing movies of lossless quality, you can easily perceive the details even if you only have a mediocre monitor display.


However, DVDFab Player is not a totally free Blu-ray player. It only provides 30-day free trial version. You’ll have to purchase a license after 30 days. Also, the playback process applies transcoding technology to improve the program running performance, and this might happen quality loss when playing the video.

DVDFab Player for Mac


  • Supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Supports most formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI.



  • Free trial only lasts 30 days.
  • Due to transcoding involved, this may somehow cause quality loss.

Top 7. Elmedia Player Free

Even Mac users may hear of PotPlayer although it is only compatible with Windows computer. And the good news is, the company developed a similar media player that works on Mac. That is Elmedia Player. It serves as a powerful software program to play back virtually all kinds of media files or physical discs. What’s more, you can take advantage of this software program to stream video from web browser.


Additional features include downloading external subtitles, and this smart Blu-ray playback utility can fix issues such as audio and subtitles out of sync. Basic playback settings such as pausing video, adjusting volume, and resizing screen are easy to operate as well. For tech-savvy users, they can also find many customization settings to tweak. The only drawback that could hinder your using experience is that the software may fail to work with protected Blu-ray discs.

Elmedia Player Free


  • Supports thousands of video and audio formats.
  • Supports subtitles and playlists.
  • Highly-customizable settings.



  • Can only play unprotected Blu-ray videos.

Part 3. Comparison Between Free Blu-ray Player for Mac

Below you can look back to the overall comparison between free mac Blu-ray players and see if you could find the most satisfactory one.

VideoByte Blu-ray PlayerSupports playing all blu-ray disc types;
DRM unprotection ability;
Best playback quality;
Easy to control;
24 Hours Free Support
Requires stable network connection for better decryption works30 days Free Trial;
VLC Media PlayerNo spyware and safe;
No pop-up advertisement;
Multiple customization settings;
No support to play encrypted Blu-ray discs;
No Blu-ray menus;
Some playback problems
Leawo Blu-ray PlayerSupports Blu-ray disc in all regions;
Provides Blu-ray menu control;
Multiple formats supported;
Simple to use
Crashes several times.
The speed of loading Blu-ray disc is slower.
Uses too much CPU;
Ads included.
Free for basic version;
Pro version: $22.47/year
Macgo Mac Blu-ray PlayerPlay commercial Blu-ray disc easily;
High video playback quality
Watermark in the picture center;
Consumes high CPU usage
Free Mac Blu-ray PlayerProvides Blu-ray disc menu;
No ads and safe
Technical upgrade is slow;
Supports limited blu-ray movies;
No customer support in free version
Aurora Blu-ray Media PlayerSupports multiple languages of subtitles and soundtrack;
Superb sound experience
Has watermark on free version;
Possesses a rather complex interface
DVDFab Player for MacSupports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and DVD;
Supports most formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI
Due to transcoding involved, this may somehow cause quality loss.Free trial for 30 days;
Elmedia Player FreeSupports thousands of video and audio formats;
Supports subtitles and playlists;
Highly-customizable settings
Can only play unprotected Blu-ray videosFree for basic version;
Pro version: $19.95/lifetime


The above 7 free Blu-ray players for mac are the most useful playback utilities that we highly recommend. To evaluate if the Blu-ray player will satisfy your needs, you can also take these factors into consideration:

  • Ease of use.
  • Its supported video and audio formats for playback.
  • Navigation menu for playback.
  • Advanced features such as adding external subtitles or creating a playlist.
  • Customization settings for playback controls.

However, as there is no such thing as a free lunch. You may find that free tools somehow have its limitations. They may not be able to play all your Blu-ray movie collections. Therefore, if you want to play a commercial Blu-ray disc on Mac and get a smoother playback experience, we recommend VideoByte Blu-ray Player, a professional and simple-to-use Blu-ray player for Mac. Try it out to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your Mac.