DVD Burner for Mac: 8 Best Choices (2023 Latest)

"I want to burn a DVD movie on my Mac. Where can I find the best DVD burner for Mac?"

Burning videos including movies, homemade films, recorded meetings, etc., to DVD with DVD burning software, is still a good way to store video today. Compared to a USB drive and cloud storage, in some cases, burning videos onto writable DVDs may be more convenient to share with others, and more affordable. Especially burning a video DVD, it can have a DVD menu structure and is playable on the DVD player.

There is a lot of free DVD burning software on the market, but it may feel hard to choose one of them for a Mac. So, we have gathered some of the best DVD burners for Mac in the following and will introduce simple burning steps for your reference.

P.S. Please remember that if you burn the movie under copyright protection to DVD, it is illegal to share.


Here, we have the best DVD burning software for your Mac, VideoByte DVD Creator, not only equipped with a professional DVD burner but also a powerful DVD editor with numerous features. Also, it has an easy-to-use DVD Menu Creator, offering various menu templates for users to customize a unique menu easily. With this reliable video DVD burner for Mac, you can easily get DVDs designed by yourself while editing the videos before saving them into the DVD.

Furthermore, VideoByte DVD Creator for Mac, with its simple and clean design, is handy for everyone to use. Its one-click burning allows users to quickly and easily burn videos to DVD Discs, Folders, or ISO Image Files. The supported video formats are listed at VideoByte DVD Creator Tech Specs. Besides, you don't even need to erase the DVD disc before burning. If the burner detects that your disc is not blank, it will remind you, and you can choose to continue burning. For those who need a helper to create DVDs on Mac, try VideoByte DVD Creator.

Star Features of VideoByte DVD Creator

  • Has the ability to edit the video, add subtitles, and add an external audio track to the video.
  • Offer real-time preview for amending the DVD video conveniently.
  • Offer beautiful templates; also allow users to DIY DVD menus in their preferences.
  • Stable performance on burning DVD discs.

Tips to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with VideoByte DVD Creator

Besides, to help you better understand how to use this software, three useful tips will be introduced to you below.

Tips 1. A simple tutorial on how to burn a DVD on a Mac with VideoByte DVD Creator shows clearly under the "Getting Started" section on the main interface. For a more detailed tutorial, you can easily get instructions to burn a DVD on your Mac. It is extremely easy to burn a playable video DVD with this product.

Add Files Mac

Tips 2. When a window pops up to choose, you will need to click "Internal burner" to generate a video DVD. "Using system tool" generates DVD data.

Choose Internal Burner Mac

Tips 3. With VideoByte DVD Creator, you don't need to erase a DVD with a Mac tool before burning it. It will detect it automatically and it can erase the disc in the program.

Erase DVD Mac


  • Easy clicks to burn videos to DVD discs, folders, or ISO files.
  • It can serve as the best ISO Mounter to access ISO files easily.
  • It can add switchable subtitles and audio tracks to perfect your output DVD content.
  • You can also edit the video picture by adjusting the brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast.
  • No watermark on the video burning.
  • It supports real-time preview.


  • The provided free trial is only for 30 days.


Starts from US$24.95 with free trial.

Seemingly as its name suggests, Burn works as a reliable free DVD and CD burning software for Mac catering to your needs. Undoubtedly, this free DVD burning software can be your best partner for beginners to burn your files to DVD, or CD on Mac for free. Once launching the software, you will encounter a succinct interface directly telling you a burning division of four modes: Data, Audio, Video, and Copy.

To burn your favorite movie to DVD with Burn software, you can follow the instructions below to quickly and easily get your video DVD.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac for Free with Burn

Step 1. Launch Burn after inserting a blank DVD disc in your Mac, then choose the DVD-Video mode. If the disc is not blank and has not been erased, then the "Burn" button will be greyed out and can not be clicked.

Burn DVD Video

Step 2. Here, you will need to drag the video into Burn. Burn only support video in MPG format. No matter which format of the video you import, Burn will convert it to MPG.

Burn Video to DVD

Step 3. Click on "Burn" to start burning the video DVD on Mac.

Burn Video to DVD on Mac for Free


  • It's 100% free to burn videos on Mac for free.
  • It has a clear and simple interface.


  • No choice of selecting DVD menu templates.
  • Performance is not that stable.


DVDStyler is another best DVD burner freeware for Mac, allowing users to burn video files to DVD that can be playable on any DVD player for free. Except for being a free DVD burner, DVDStyler is probably the most powerful tool to create DVD menu templates among all free DVD burning software on Mac. In addition to the built-in templates, DVDStyler allows adding your own pictures on your Mac to be the DVD menu's background.

Although it is powerful in creating templates and DVD options, such as adjusting the video/audio format, and video bitrate, it has disadvantages in the interface. The interface of this product feels like out-to-date software from 10 years ago. Moreover, it does not optimize for many computer screen resolutions, making itself incompatible with many MacBooks. For example, on my MacBook Pro, the interface of the DVDStyler is blurry.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with DVDStyler

Step 1. Drag a video or a series of videos into DVDStyler. Then select a background picture for the DVD menu. You can click on "File browser" to select an image on your Mac.

Drag Video to DVDStyler

Step 2. Click on "Buttons" to set DVD menu interactive buttons. After that, click on the donut-shape icon to burn.

Create DVD Menu

Step 3. Wait a while to successfully generate DVD.

Generate DVD on DVDStyler

Tips: Just like the product "Burn", you will need to erase first with this Mac built-in feature if it is not a blank DVD disc.

Erase Rewritable DVD Disc


  • It has a good DVD menu customization function.
  • It has a discussion help section on its official sites. It will be easy to get help from other users.


  • Outdated interface.
  • Comes with ad support while installing, which may bring malware toolbar and browser hijacker.
  • Slow DVD burning procession.


IDVD is a Mac-based DVD authoring software officially released by Apple Inc., supporting users to burn QuickTime movies, digital slideshows, and MP3 music to DVD with internal or external DVD drivers. Moreover, this Mac DVD Burner includes over 150 themes designed by Apple to personalize the DVD menu, including layout, background art, typography, and soundtrack for DVD main menus and submenus. Obviously, it is a very attractive advantage for users who enjoy customizing DVD menus.

However, this DVD burning software has stopped updating since 2011, only available for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Therefore, to fit this DVD burner on Mac, you will need to use the proper OS and face the issues caused by no updates. Or you can use other iDVD alternatives to burn DVDs on Mac.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with iDVD

Step 1. First, insert a DVD into your Mac via an internal or external drive.

Step 2. Go to iDVD. > Click "Create a New Project" on the main interface. Or, you can click "Magic iDVD" to select a favorite theme for your DVD videos. Or click "OneStep DVD" to directly copy footage from the camera to a DVD.

Add Videos to iDVD

Step 3. Add your video files by clicking the "Media" button at the bottom of the interface. Then, you can start editing your burning video DVD easily. Moreover, you can custom the DVD menu with the offered templates. After that, you can click "Burn DVD" to start burning videos to DVD with iDVD on Mac.


  • It supports creating DVDs with 150+ designed themes.
  • It's integrated with various isoftware like iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes.


  • No update since 2011 and got abandoned by Apple.
  • Only available to use on a few Macs.
  • Does not work well with large video files.


5. Finder

For those who don't want to download extra software to take up the storage of your Mac, Finder is probably what you need. Finder, working as an all-in-one helper, is the default file manager for Mac users to interact with the file system, allowing users to browse, move, copy, and delete files as well as burn files to DVD. However, this powerful tool also has a drawback, which is that it only supports burning data DVDs. This means that the DVD you burned can only be used as USB, and the videos inside the DVD can not be played directly on any DVD player.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with LiquidCD

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD into your optical drive. > Select "Open Folder" on the pop-up menu. > Select "Make this action the default". > Open the DVD folder.

Step 2. Drag the files or folders you want to burn to the DVD folder window.

Step 3. Click "File" or right-click on the DVD folder > Select "Burn [filename] to Disc" to burn a DVD on Mac.

Burn DVD on Mac with Finder


  • Built-in DVD burning software on Mac.
  • It's easy to master for beginners.


  • No DVD menu and chapter customization are offered.
  • Only support burning files to data DVDs, making it not playable on a DVD player.


If you are looking for a CD/DVD burning software for Macintosh that is simple but capable of burning media files to DVD or CD, then LiquidCD is worth a look. It mainly allows users to burn custom hybrid discs from videos, audio files, images, and data. Moreover, this free Mac DVD burner supports a wide range of file formats, helping you import various media files to your DVD.

However, there is nothing special you can find in this burning software because it is specially designed for beginners, making everyone can burn video to a DVD on Mac without complicated operations.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with LiquidCD

Step 1. On the main interface, there are five options for navigation - Data, Audio CD, Photo, Video DVD, and Others. For example, to burn a video DVD, click on "Video DVD".

Step 2. Add files to LiquidCD. Besides, if you want to burn a video DVD, you'd better upload a VIDEO_TS folder instead of just adding video files by clicking "Choose a VIDEO_TS folder...".

LiquidCD Interface

Step 3. Insert a blank DVD. > Click "Burn" to start making DVDs on Mac.


  • It is easy to use for beginners without complex steps.
  • It is free of charge.


  • Unstable performance on Mac OS X 10.17 and above.
  • Occasional burning failure.
  • No advanced services.


When it comes to the best DVD burning software for Macintosh available today, Cisdem DVD Burner has to be mentioned. This burning software is suitable for both Windows and Mac and supports users burning various media files to DVD discs, so that video files can be freely transmitted to any DVD player for playback, such as supporting burning ISO files to DVD, burning Quicktime movies to DVD, burning slideshow to DVDs and more. Moreover, it also provides a wide range of free DVD menu templates for different occasions with different themes like holidays, anniversaries, graduations, travels, and so on. Besides these, it also offers a lot of video editing functions for users to perfect their burning DVDs. Undoubtedly, it is a great choice for users who need advanced services.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with Cisdem DVD Burner

Step 1. Drag the files you want to burn into the "Source" tab of the DVD burning software on Mac.

Cisdem DVD Burner

Step 2. Create a DVD menu for better navigation with various templates offered. > Preview the DVD project.

Step 3. Insert a playable blank DVD into the optical drive on Mac. > Go back to the software to click the "Burn" button to activate the output windows. > Select your desired output settings.

Step 4. After that, click "Burn" to start making a DVD on your Mac.


  • It supports burning files to video DVDs and data DVDs.
  • Over 200 formats are supported.
  • It can make a DVD menu with rich templates.
  • It also serves as a powerful CD burning software for Mac


  • Sometimes stuck in the DVD burning process.
  • Uncompetitive subscribing price.

Starts from: US$39.99

Express Burn is one of the best DVD burning software on Mac, supporting almost all media files to burn. For example, you can easily burn audio, video, or data files to DVD, CD, or Blu-ray discs on Mac for sure. Moreover, it also works as a powerful solution to help users to create and burn ISO files to DVD with easy steps. Unlike many free DVD burners mentioned above, Express Burn offers diverse advanced editing features for users to try on. For new users, it has a free trial in 14 days, letting you enjoy the limited features of the software.

Free DVD burning software can meet the basic needs of some users for DVD burning. However, for those users who want to do further editing, almost all free software is not enough. In this case, you can subscribe to Express Burn to unlock the full version so as to burn files to DVD on Mac without limitations.

Brief Tutorial to Burn Video to DVD on Mac with Express Burn

Step 1. Once you open Express Burn, a window will pop up asking you to select the disc you want to burn. > Select Video DVD on the top menu bar.

Step 2. Click "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" to import media files to the software. Or you can also directly drag and drop the target files to the software interface for adding files to burn on Mac.

Step 3. Click "Burn Video DVD" to open a window about additional burning settings. Adjust the options based on your needs. > After that, click the "Burn" button to start burning your file to DVD easily.

Express Burn


  • Advanced editing features are provided for further customization.
  • It supports creating DVD chapters and menus.
  • It burns all types of media formats and discs.


  • The free trial is shorter than similar DVD burning software on Mac.
  • Lack of built-in security options.
  • Some advanced features engage a third-party program.
  • Only supports homemade DVDs.
  • CD burning is supported only after the free trial.

Starts from US$24.99 with free trial.

Extra Tip: Data DVD v.s. Video DVD

When mentioning free DVD burning software for Mac, some people will first think of Finder or iTunes. Finder and iTunes can indeed burn DVDs on Mac, but they can only burn a data DVD. While Video DVD is actually the one making DVD content playable on DVD players. So what's the difference between a Data DVD and a Video DVD?

  • Data DVD is only readable on computers. It cannot be opened by DVD players. When creating a rewriteable data DVD, that is very similar to a USB drive. You can drag almost all the files into it. Images, songs, videos, ISO images, text files, etc. can all be burned into the Data DVD.
  • Video DVD has a DVD video file structure: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. It is playable on the DVD software player on Mac, and also on the DVD player (hardware) for Television.

FAQs of DVD Burning Software for Mac

1.Why Do Blu-ray & DVDs Have Regions?

You can directly choose any one of the DVD burners for Mac mentioned above to convert MP4 files to DVD. The conversion process is the same as the burning process. However, it should be noted that some free DVD burning software on Mac can not burn large MP4 files to DVD smoothly, and even result in data loss. So, if you need to burn a large MP4 file, in order to ensure that there will be no data loss and the conversion can be completed successfully, then it is recommended that you use paid DVD burning software for Macintosh.

2. How Do I Burn a DVD that is Playable on a DVD Player?

Some users encounter the issue that the video content in a DVD cannot be played on any DVD player after burning. This is probably because what you burn is a Data DVD that is only used for file transfer, rather than a Video DVD that supports video playback on DVD players. So, to burn a DVD that supports any DVD player, please burn video files to a Video DVD. Besides, Finder and iTunes only support burning Data DVDs on Mac.

3. How can I Burn YouTube videos to a DVD?

First of all, you need to know that online YouTube videos can not be directly burned to DVD. To successfully burn your favorite YouTube videos to DVD, you'd better download your favorite YouTube videos to your computer first, and then use a DVD burner to burn the video files to DVD. It's a little fussy but safe and easy to master.

4. Can I Burn QuickTime Movies to DVD on Mac?

Sure. QuickTime movies are mainly stored in MOV format, which is not supported by all DVD players natively. But it does not mean that Quicktime movies can not be played on DVD players. You can use DVD burning software for Mac such as Video Byte DVD Creator to directly burn QuickTime MOV movies to DVD, whether you're saving drive space or backing up your favorite movies.

Final Words

By now, quite a lot of free DVD burners for Mac go viral on the market because the free Mac DVD burning software is worth a try with satisfying performance. Although it needs no charge to use the free DVD burners on Mac, a professional one can be more reliable. Therefore, if you need to burn a DVD in a more professional way, try VideoByte DVD Creator. Now, it is time for you to get a piece of the ideal DVD!