3 Useful Ways to Extract Video from DVD [2023 Updated]

If you own a large DVD collection, you probably have your favorite DVD clips in the DVD movies. You may then want to extract a clip from a DVD to make a new video and upload it to YouTube for sharing, or you can do a presentation using a DVD clip, or save your favorite DVD clips for another private collection. No matter which situation you face, the necessary step is to rip the DVD and cut a clip from it, because unlike normal video files, DVD is not a format that can be detected by common video editors.

Don’t worry. The only thing you need to do to use a DVD ripper. In the following parts, you will get to know three methods to realize the goal by using three reliable rippers.


How to Extract Video Clip from DVD with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper (Best for All)

As we know, in order to extract clips you like from DVD, you need to turn to a DVD ripper for help. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is such powerful software that can rip both homemade and commercial DVD movie discs into common digital video formats for you. Then, you can easily extract clips from DVDs.

What’s more, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper supports ripping DVD titles or chapters, so you don’t have to rip the full film to find the short segment but can just jump to the parts that you need and rip out the corresponding title or chapter. This is convenient since it will save much of your time.

Also, it can convert DVDs to digital in lossless quality as well as support multiple common output formats like MP4, MKV, etc. Besides, VideoByte has a built-in feature to help you edit the DVD content before ripping, which means it’s an all-in-one tool to extract video clips from DVD.

Here are other highlights of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper:
• It can also rip Blu-ray discs, VIDEO TS folders, ISO files to regular digital formats.
• It supports multiple protections like APS, CSS, ARccOS, CPRM, AACS, BD+, and Cinavia with the latest decoding technology.
• It can convert videos from 2D to 3D.
• You can select the audio tracks and subtitles to rip or add external audio tracks and subtitles.
• It converts DVDs/Blu-rays at a 6X faster speed.

Here is the guide on how to rip DVDs to regular digital formats:

Step 1. Install VideoByte and Load the DVD disc

Install the software and launch it. Insert the DVD disc into the drive. Then, click the "Load DVD" button and choose the drive where the DVD movie disc is.

Step 2. Select the DVD Content You need to Rip

After loading the DVD disc, you can select the content you like. Choose "Full Title List" and you will see a pop-up window, then you can choose the content you need.

Tip: If you don’t want to use other video editors, you can click the scissors icon to edit the DVD video directly.

Step 3. Adjust the Output Setting

You can click the "Rip All to" button and there is a pop-up list window for you to choose your desired output format which is compatible with the video editor you use. If you prefer high compatibility, you can choose MP4. If you want lossless output quality, MKV is a good choice. If you are using Mac, you can choose MOV.

Step 4. Rip DVD Movie Disc

Once you have done with the steps above, now you can click on the "Rip All" button to start ripping DVD disc to regular video formats.

How to Extract Video Clip from DVD with Handbrake (Unprotected DVD Only)

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is a professional tool that requires you to pay for its full functions. If you don’t want to pay any penny for your video clips and most of your collection is unprotected DVDs, you can try HandBrake.

Handbrake is a video transcoder that is not only open-source but also free to use. It is available for multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. This tool allows you to convert any unprotected videos to MP4 for totally free. Besides, it could also allow you to choose video titles when you want to extract them from DVD movies. However, this tool is free to use only for unprotected videos. If you want to rip protected DVD movies, it doesn’t work for you due to copy protection.

Following is a detailed tutorial to use HandBrake:

Step 1: Load DVD Content in HandBrake
Download and install HandBrake, and insert the DVD disc into the drive. Then click on the “Source” button to browse and load DVD content to HandBrake.

Step 2: Adjust the Output Setting
After loading source DVD movies, go to the "Title" section, and you could select titles for output (If you want to select detailed chapters, using VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is better). Then go to the “Destination” section, and click "Browse" to choose a desired destination folder to save the ripped videos.

Step 3: Start to Extract Clips from the DVD
Now all the hard work is done, and the only thing you need to do is to click “Start” at the top of the window to extract video clips from the DVD.

Rip Blu-ray with HandBrake

How to Extract Video Clip from DVD with VLC Media Player (Free to Use)

If you still find the methods above are not suitable for you, the following method will provide timely help. VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player and framework which can play most video/audio files, including DVDs, Audio CDs. VCDs, etc. But some of you may not know that it also works as a media converter to help users convert video and audio files to regular formats. Therefore, VLC is also useful to extract video from DVD and can even play the clips directly.

Compared to HandBrake, VLC can rip some DVDs discs which are copy-protected. But when you extract video clips from DVD, unlike VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper which is able to select both title and chapter, VLC only supports choosing a title. Moreover, VLC is not easy to use, so this may cause some problems for beginners.

You can view the guide below on how to extract video clips from DVDs with a VLC media player:

Step 1. Launch VLC and Import DVD to VLC
Install VLC and open it. Insert the DVD into the drive and click on the "Media" button, then select "Convert/Save" to go on.

Step 2. Adjust the Setting
Go to the "Disc" section, firstly choose "DVD" in "Disc Selection". Then click the "Browse" button to reset the output folder. Next, set the "Title" you want to rip to MP4. After finishing the steps, click on "Convert/Save".

Step 3. Begin to Rip DVD to MP4
On the pop-up window, you can set the profile format. codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, and subtitles. Finally, click "Start" to let VLC begin to rip the DVD to MP4.

Convert DVD with VLC


Free tools like HandBrake and VLC are not as intelligent as VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper while ripping parts of the titles and chapters of a protected DVD. Meanwhile, as long as you follow the tutorial, you will find that VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is easy to operate. If you are interested in it, just click on the download button below and give it a try.