How to Customize Your Own DVD Menu with Personalized Title/Chapter

"In order to watch videos from my PC or smartphones on the DVD player, I have burnt most of my videos to DVD. But recently, one of my friends shows me her wedding video which made by the photographer. I was surprised to see that the DVD menu is her own picture. I want to take my own picture as DVD menu, too. How can I do that?"

Someone proposed the above question on BBS. Maybe some of you also want to take your own picture as your DVD menu, so now I will show you two ways to customize your own DVD menu with personalizing title and chapter.


Preparations for Customizing DVD Menu

First, before starting to make your own DVD menu, you need to make preparations as below:

(1) DVD creator software. Considering that you may not have DVD creator software in your PC, so I hereby recommend you download the best one: VideoByte DVD Creator.

(2) Pictures that you want to use as the background of DVD menu.

(3) Videos that you need to burn to DVD.

(4) A blank DVD disc.

Two Ways to Customize Your Own DVD Menu

Today I am going to show you how to customize your own DVD Menu with Leawo DVD Creator and VideoByte DVD Creator.

How to Make DVD Menu with Leawo DVD Creator?

Step 1. Put Your Images to Corresponding Folders

First, you need to create corresponding folders to save your images. Open the directory of "\Leawo\Prof. Media\Menu Template". If you haven't downloaded any template from the program's menu center, then you need to create "Download" folder. Put all your images in the "Download" file.

Step 2. Make an XML File to Integrate Images

You need to make a "Download Template" XML file to integrate all your images into a custom DVD menu template. Or you can directly copy codes from the Internet to write an XML file.

Step 3. Integrate the Images and XML File

Copy and save "Download Template.xml" file to the "\Leawo\Prof. Media\Burn\MenuTemplate" folder and replace the previous one (if there exists one already). Then you can find your images under the "Online" tab.

Note: This method has a limitation. Your DVD menu templates which made by yourselves will be covered and deleted when you download new DVD templates from Leawo's Online template center.

How to Make DVD Menu with VideoByte DVD Creator?

As you may know nothing about XML files just like me, so I highly recommend that you customize DVD menu with VideoByte DVD Creatorwhich can create DVD disc, DVD folder or ISO file from various formats of videos and stylize your DVD with preferred menu. In addition, it can customize subtitles and audio tracks of the DVD.

Step 1. Download and Register VideoByte DVD Creator

As VideoByte DVD Creator is such a functional DVD creator software, just click the below download button to download it now.

Then install and open the program. In the pop-up window, you can see the limitations of the free trial version including you will have only three chances to burn videos to DVD and use the trial version for 30 days. Besides, you are not allowed to download online menu template or get any technical support. In order to burn more videos to DVD and complete customizing DVD menu, you had better purchase VideoByte DVD Creator.

DVD Creator Register

Step 2. Add Videos

Click one of the "Add Media File(s)" icon at the middle interface and upper-left corner to add videos to the program.

Add Media Files

Step 3. Customize DVD Menu

Click "Next" icon to enter the Menu Editing section. In the main interface, you can choose menus from the preset menu templates, but how to customize DVD menu with special title and chapter? As you can see at the bottom, there are three options for you to make your DVD with your own characteristics: Add Background Music, Change Background and Add Opening Film. Just add your own images, music or films to your DVD by selecting the options. Besides, you can edit menu text as you like.

Add Text Watermark

Step 4. Start Burning DVD with Menus

At last, you can click "Start" icon to burn DVD with your own menu.

Burning DVD

It's very easy to convert video cassettes to DVD with VideoByte DVD Creator, isn't it? Actually, VideoByte DVD Creator can also convert videotapes to DVD. But if you want to convert video cassettes to other video formats, then you need to download VideoByte Video Converter Ultimate which is a one-stop tool to convert, edit and enhance videos.

Comparison Between Leawo DVD Creator and VideoByte DVD Creator

In conclusion, both two DVD creator software can customize DVD menu with personalized title and chapter. But as you can see, VideoByte DVD Creator can convert more video formats to DVD and is much easier to operate.


Leawo DVD Creator

VideoByte DVD Creator

Supported OS

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later), macOS

Hardware Requirement:

1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor

800MHz Intel or AMD CPU or above

Support Video Formats


Apart from the normal video formats, it can also support DV Files (*.dif), Flash Video Files (*.swf;), MOD, MJPEG (*.mjpg; *.mjpeg), MPV and HD video format: MPEG2 HD Files (*.mpg;*.mpeg), MPEG4 HD  Files (*.mp4), QuickTime HD Files (*.mov), WMV HD Video Files (*.wmv), HD TS, HD MTS, HD M2TS, HD TRP, HD TP

So with few easy steps, you can customize your own DVD menu with personalized title and chapter. What's more, you can convert Aperture slideshow to DVD with VideoByte DVD Creator. Just download this software and start to customize your DVD menu right now.