How to Copy DVD to ISO Image File for Backup

DVD disc is very easy to get scratched or damaged if you didn't keep it safe and sound. It is better to back up the DVDs you are precious with. The most effective way is to copy DVD to ISO image file firstly. As you may know, ISO file is the exact copy of a DVD, to copy DVD to ISO image file is a kind of 1:1 full disc copy. Therefore, to copy DVD to ISO, you can keep the most high quality DVD content. However, to copy DVD, you will most likely need a third-party software due to DVD copyright protection.

Easy Guidance on Copying DVD to ISO Image File for Backup

As to copy DVD to ISO files more smoothly, the third party tool is of great importance. Here, I would like to highly recommend you VideoByte DVD Copy, a powerful and professional program.


VideoByte DVD Copy is a very comprehensive DVD copy software, which not only can copy DVD to DVD, but also copy DVD to ISO image file or DVD folder. The program can copy DVD to ISO with super fast speed and create backup to save the DVD contents. It provides you three copy modes thus you can choose the best one to create your file.

The trial version offers 3 chances to copy DVD movie disc for free. You can get it to take a try.

Step 1. Import DVD Source

After downloading and installing VideoByte DVD Copy on your computer, launch the program. Then insert the DVD disc you want to copy to the computer drive and it will automatically recognize the contents or just click "Source" to select the source DVD.

Select Source2

Step 2. Select Copy Mode

As you can see from the below, there are three copy modes include "Full Copy", "Main Movie" and "Customize" for you to choose. If you want 1:1 disc duplication, we advise you just select "Full Copy" mode.

Please note that you can customize audio track and subtitle under the "Customize" mode, but not the other two modes.

Full Copy

Step 3. DVD Backup Settings

Since you want to copy DVD to ISO, you need to choose "Save as ISO" option under "Target" to copy DVD to ISO image fie.

Copy Option

Step 4. Start Copying DVD to ISO Image File

Click "Next" to set other options, and when finished, click "Copy" button to start copying DVD to ISO image file with VideoByte DVD Copy.

Copying DVD

The copying process may take some time which depends on your file size. When the copy is ok, you can click to get the ISO files and now you can enjoy your DVD contents.

This is the specific method and steps on how to copy DVD to ISO image file. With VideoByte DVD Copy, you can get your DVD ISO file without quality loss and mount the files to a virtualized drive and burned to another DVD disc finally. That depends on your actual situation. To simplify, copy DVD to ISO image file can help you enjoy your movies at anytime and any place you want, or even you can share with your friends. It is worth your downloading, wish you good luck!