[DVD Backup] How to Copy DVD to Your Computer

There are a lot of movie lovers who are plagued by the fragility of the DVD movie discs they have collected, for the DVDs cannot be played anymore after scratching or damaging. Therefore, a better way is to back up your DVD to your computer so as to save its content. That is to copy DVD to your computer and save as ISO files or DVD folders. Actually, it is not difficult to copy DVD to your computer, all you need is a powerful third-part tool. Here in this article, I will mainly show you how to copy DVD to your computer with ease.

The Best Solution to Copy DVD to Computer

To make backup copies of DVDs to your computer as ISO image files or DVD folder, it is very important to choose a reliable DVD copy software. Well, VideoByte DVD Copy will be your best choice for its comprehensive functions and user-friendly design on copying DVD. With this program, you can:

• Copy DVD to DVD/ISO files and save on Computer easily;

• Get a DVD copy with 1:1 original quality and quickly;

• Copy DVD with three modes to create a unique video file;

• Choose the subtitle and audio track you prefer.


Step-by-step on Copying DVD to Computer:

Step 1. Load Source File

Download and install VideoByte DVD Copy on your computer, and then launch the program. Click "File" button > "Select Source" to load your DVD disc, ISO image file or DVD folder to the computer. You are also allowed to click the pull-down icon of the "Source" to import your files.

Select Source2

Step 2. Choose Target

In this step, you can choose "Target" to select the file format you want to output, you can choose "Save as ISO image files" or "Save as DVD folder". There are 3 copy modes for you to choose, including "Full Copy", "Main Movie" and "Customize". You can choose the one you like according to your need.

"Full Copy": Clone the whole DVD disc.

"Main Movie": Copy the main-movie only.

"Customize": Choose the parts of the DVD you like to copy.

Full Copy

Step 3. Set Output Options

Then click on the button of "Next" and go to the following window. Here you can enable or disable settings like "Remove Menu", "Play titles as a loop", "Remove multi-angle" etc.

Copy Option

Step 4. Back Up DVD to Computer

After all the settings, you can click on "Start" button to begin to copy the DVD movies.

Copying DVD

Now, you must have get the idea of how to copy DVD to your computer. It is very easy but useful and professional, and is as simple as copying DVD to DVD, which is another way you want to keep your DVD contents.


Speaking of the other way to save your DVD contents, most of DVD collectors may choose to rip the DVD disc into digital formats and transfer them to other portable devices to play. Well, VideoByte DVD Ripper will meet all your needs.

With this program, you can rip and convert DVD/Blu-ray Disc to regular video formats with super-fast speed and get your unique video movies. You can also rip DVD to hard drive, extract and rip audio from DVD, or even you can rip and upload DVD to YouTube or other video streaming platforms to share with others. With VideoByte DVD Ripper, you can find more ways to deal with your precious DVDs.


All in all, through this article, you may know about how to copy DVD to your laptop and save the contents as ISO image files or DVD folders with VideoByte DVD Copy, which is very user-friendly and professional on copying DVD. In addition, if you prefer rip your DVD discs into digital formats, then VideoByte DVD Ripper will do great help for you. That depends on your actual needs. Try it yourself and enjoy your movies!