How to Convert DVD to MKV on Mac/Windows

MKV (Matroska video) is a perfect output format for converting DVD. So, can I convert DVD to MKV with high definition on my Mac or Windows computer? Yes, there is an effective way to convert DVD to MKV, and play your DVD anytime anywhere. Let us get down to the point right now.

Simple Solution to Rip DVD Movies to MKV on Mac/Windows

To solve your problem of ripping DVD to MKV, we would like to offer the most effective means — VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. It offers the powerful function of converting DVD movies to MKV file and some other popular video formats with high quality. With this program, you can rip DVD movies to MKV format without having to compromise with the output video quality.

Apart from that, you could also customize your desired output video files by editing, cropping and so on during the ripping process. Below is the tutorial that guides you to convert DVD to MKV with subtitle and selectable audio tracks.

Download VideoByte DVD Ripper from the above button, install and launch this DVD to MKV converter easily. You may view its easy-to-use interface.


The Windows version of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper released a new version which has big changes compared with the old version. But the new version for Mac is still under the development. That means the interface and the operation of Windows and Mac will be different.

To know the details about the new version, you can read on the article: A New Version for BD-DVD Ripper (Windows) Released! See What Changes

Step 1. Load DVD Disc or DVD Folder to the Interface

Insert a DVD disc to your DVD drive on Mac/Windows computer. If your Mac or Windows does not have an internal DVD drive, then remember to find an external one. In this step, wait a little while until your DVD disc can be recognized by the computer, then click the "Load DVD" button at the top bar to load DVD into the DVD-to-MKV converter.
Load DVD

Step 2. Choose MKV as Output Format

Now you could select MKV as the output format. Just click the "Rip All to" icon to activate one window to choose MKV file under the "Video" tab, or directly search "MKV".
Rip All to

Step 3. Select Subtitle and Audio Tracks

Now it is time to choose a subtitle that can be embedded into the converted DVD movie, and make selectable audio tracks. Just select one of the subtitles you want and check all the audio tracks by checking "Select all audio".

Choose Audio Track

Step 4. Start DVD to MKV Ripping Process

Once the necessary settings are all done, you could click the "Rip All" button to start the burning process of DVD to MKV. You could view the whole ripping process in the image clearly.
Ripping Disc

The whole process is extremely easy. You may find the converted DVD video in the output folder. By the force of contrast, you may find the output MKV video files have the quality nearly intact to that source DVD file with the same content, owing a good deal to the powerful VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper.


Tips: MKV can be directly played on many mainstream media players on Mac and Windows, such as PotPlayer, VLC Media Player, Plex Player

Know Clearly | Why Convert DVD to MKV is a Good Choice

Maybe you learn from the Internet that MKV is the best format to rip a DVD disc, but do you clearly know why? Here is a short introduction about MKV format.
MKV is a multimedia packaging format just like MP4, but it has better encapsulation capacity, which can encompass an unlimited quantity of audio, video, pictures and subtitle tracks in one single file while keeping the quality. The technical specification of the MKV is full disclosure. It is by virtue of the merits above that we would like to create MKV video file from many other files like DVD movies, so as to save the DVD source files while preserving the original quality with smaller storage size.
You could also view the MKV video directly rather than insert your DVD disc to your computer every time. This could make your watching experience much easier. You will only need a simple DVD to MKV ripper.


Do you feel a great necessity having VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper to rip DVD to MKV at hand now? With the all-in-one DVD to MKV converter, you could have a fantastic viewing experience with your favorite DVD disc on Mac/Windows computer or stream to other devices. Are you anxious to try your chance with the program? Just act now.

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