3 Ways to Burn MP4 to DVD on Windows & Mac Easily

There are all kinds of reasons why people want to burn MP4 to DVD, such as better compatibility with DVD players, prevention of losing precious videos, freeing up local storage, or making a heartfelt gift. Whatever your reason is, the major concern is to find the best way to create DVDs from MP4 videos. Now, why not get your best pick here and see how to burn an MP4 to DVD with ease? It's time to get your match.


Burn MP4 to DVD: You Should Know

Before we go any further to burn MP4 to DVD, you'll need to get everything prepared. Here's the list that we're going to take advantage of, and you may want to check it out and tick off the to-prepare list.

  • A Windows PC or Mac
  • A blank DVD disc like DVD+R and DVD-R with a single layer of 4.7 GB or a double layer of 8.5 GB.
  • A DVD drive that comes within your computer or works as an external device.
  • Videos in MP4 that you want to burn to DVD.
  • DVD Creator Software: VideoByte Video Creator, Freemake Video Converter, or Windows File Explorer

The Difference Between Data DVD and Playable DVD

Moreover, you may pay attention to the differences between a data DVD and a playable DVD (typically known as Video DVD) in case you might create the wrong type of disc. There are 2 major differences as follows.

  • Content: Data DVDs can contain documents, music, videos, photos, or software programs while playable DVDs only contain video data.
  • Storage Capacity: As a rule, data DVDs have a higher capacity than playable DVDs which means data DVDs can hold much more data.
  • Functionality: Data DVDs cannot be erased and reused again.

Overall, while both types of DVDs share some basic similarities, including their physical size and shape, they are designed for different purposes and have distinct differences. Now, let's walk through the 3 ways to burn MP4 to DVD below.

Method 1. Burn MP4 to DVD on Windows & Mac with VideoByte

VideoByte DVD Creator is a popular and professional DVD creation software with a global reputation. This dedicated program enables you to burn MP4 to DVD without a hassle. Working as a DVD menu creator, it also comes with a range of menu templates for different topics to choose from.

Also, you can make an exclusive menu for your DVD. Moreover, you can adjust videos in terms of brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast with a real-time preview.

More Brilliant Features to Discover

  • Various Outputs - Burn local videos to DVD discs, DVD folders, and DVD ISO files with lossless quality.
  • All Videos Formats Included - Import HD videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MKV of 720p, 1080p, and 4K.
  • Common Disc Types Supported - Burn MP4 to DVD types like DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25, and BD-50.
  • Custom DVD - Add audio tracks/subtitles and merge/split chapters as you wish.
  • Be Compatibility on Windows/Mac - Work on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS X 10.5 or above.

How to Burn MP4 to DVD via VideoByte

VideoByte DVD Creator is the best shot to create your own handpicked gift, and you may want to learn how to burn .mp4 to DVD with it in the following. Better yet, a video tutorial is introduced after that.

Step 1. Install and Import Files to the Program

After you download and install VideoByte DVD Creator, then launch it. You should select "DVD Disc" > "Add Media Files" to import MP4 videos into the program.

Add Media Files

Step 2. Edit MP4 Effect (Optional)

Click the "Power Tools" button and you can apply different effects to videos or adjust the parameters like brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast. Moreover, it enables you to rotate, clip, or crop the videos with a real-time preview. You may click the "Apply" button to save the changes.


After that, you can add audio tracks to the videos. What's more, you can add subtitles and adjust the position, transparency, or delay along the way. When all is done, click "Apply" to proceed.

Add Edit Subtitle

Step 3. Customize DVD Menu

You can select "Menu Templates" from different scenes, like the holiday, wedding, family, travel, and more. You can also edit the titles of each video chapter. What's more, at the bottom, you can add background music, customize the background picture and add an opening film.

Menu Template

Step 4. Burn MP4 to DVD

Insert a blank DVD disc first and click on the "Burn" button at the bottom-right corner. Then, tick up the "Burn to disc" and choose your disc. Now, the software will start to burn MP4 to DVD in no time.

Burning DVD

Video Tutorial: How to Burn MP4 to DVD with VideoByte

Method 2. Burn MP4 to DVD with Freeware [Windows Only]

Freemake Video Converter is multi-functional software that converts 500+ formats, not to mention burn MP4 to DVD for free. Also, you can cut, clip, or rotate the videos you want to burn to DVD. Meanwhile, there are a few preset menu templates to choose from, but you can only change the background if you want to make a custom menu.

Please note that you cannot edit the videos in the process of burning MP4 to DVD. Moreover, the burning rate is not as fast as expected. It works great when you're burning a few videos to DVD. However, it tends to get corrupted if you're burning many videos at the same time. Therefore, it's not good to burn a bunch of videos to a DVD.


  • Free to burn MP4 to DVD.
  • Convert local files like videos, audio files, photos, and so on.
  • Provide preset profiles for any gadget and visuals.
  • Rip or burn videos from/to DVDs.
  • Upload videos to YouTube.



  • Only work on Windows 11/0/8/7/Vista.
  • Do not edit videos during the burning.
  • Offer fewer choices for the DVD menu.
  • Burn videos at a slow rate.
  • Fail to work if importing too many videos.

How to Burn an MP4 to DVD via Freemake

It's actually easy to burn an MP4 to DVD using Freemake Video Converter. Here's a detailed tutorial on how it works.

Step 1. To begin with, download and install Freemake Video Converter on your Windows PC. Then, launch it and insert a blank DVD disc into your computer.

Step 2. Click "Video" at the left top corner and add MP4s to the program.

Step 3. Select the "to DVD" icon at the middle bottom.

Step 4. Set a DVD menu from its default templates or change the background if you want.

Step 5. Now, click "OK" > "Burn" to start MP4 burning to DVD.

Burn MP4 to DVD via Freemake

Method 3. Burn MP4 to DVD Using Windows File Explorer (Without Software)

If you're looking for a way to burn MP4 to DVD without any software on Windows, then you may make use of the default burning feature on Windows 10/11. Windows File Explorer enables you to write videos, photos, music, and documents to a CD or DVD with ease.

However, this is solely a burning feature that lacks other functionality. You cannot create a DVD menu, add tracks/subtitles, or edit the videos in the process of burning. Moreover, it would get stuck if writing too many videos on a DVD at a time. Hence, it's recommended if you want to burn several videos to DVD.


  • Free to use on Windows 10/11.
  • No need to download any burning software.
  • Burn all types of files to CD/DVD.



  • Do not support MacBook Air/Pro/iMac.
  • Do not burn MP4 to ISO or DVD folder.
  • Do not create a DVD menu.
  • Do not allow video editing before burning.
  • Have problems tackling many videos at once.

How Do I Burn an MP4 to a DVD without Software?

Many Windows users may have no idea how to burn MP4 to DVD using Windows File Explorer for the first time, so you might as well take a look at the tutorial below.

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD into the drive connected to your Windows.

Step 2. Go to the MP4 videos and right-click to choose "Sent to" > "DVD RW Drive(F:)".

Step 3. Then, edit the disc title and select "With a CD/DVD player". Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 4. Now, click "Drive Tools" followed by "Finishing burning" to bring up the "Burn to Disc" window.

Step 5. Finally, set the "Recording speed". After that, click "Next" to start burning MP4 to DVD.

Burn MP4 to DVD Without Software

FAQs About MP4 Burning to DVD

If you still have misgivings regarding MP4 burning to DVD, you can refer to the 2 frequently asked questions below and see whether they can help you out.

Can Windows Media Player Burn MP4 to DVD?

Yes. Apart from Windows File Explorer, Windows Media Player is also a pre-installed program that lets play, sync, or burn media files with ease. It takes no effort to burn MP4 to DVD as the following tutorial introduces.

Step 1. Open the Windows Media Player and insert a blank DVD into your computer drive.

Step 2. Add your MP4 videos to the library by going to "Organize" > "Manage Libraries" > "Videos".

Step 3. Switch to the "Burn" tab and click the "Burn Option" to tick out "Data CD or DVD".

Step 4. Drag the videos to create a burn list and click "Start burn" to create DVD from MP4.

Burn MP4 to DVD With Windows Media Player

How Do I Burn MP4 to DVD Using VLC?

Good as the VLC media player is, it cannot create DVD from MP4. This popular software itself doesn't come with a burning feature and only enables you to transcode MP4s to DVD format. You'll need to convert DVD format to ISO and burn ISO to DVD using another burner. That takes a lot of work. Therefore, you may consider using VideoByte DVD Creator to directly burn MP4 to DVD with a custom menu.


If you just want to burn a few MP4s to DVD on Windows, Freemake or Windows File Explorer are free choices to get started. However, they cannot handle burning too many videos and lack features like menu creation, video editing, etc.

VideoByte DVD Creator is a top-rated DVD creation for both Windows and Mac with a fast and stable service. Better yet, you can create your own DVD menu and edit the videos before you start burning MP4 to DVD. Just give it a shot and you'll be into this excellent software.