Burn MKV Videos to Blu-ray Disc - 4 Steps Guide

"How can I convert and burn MKV videos to Blu-ray disc on my computer?" You might probably encounter with such problem. It is a very common question among worldwide movie lovers who prefer to create Blu-ray disc themselves. As a matter of fact, it would not be difficult to burn videos to Blu-ray disc. However, you need to get a third-party tool prepared to help you burn Blu-ray disc. Among numberous Blu-ray burners, Here I would like to introduce you a simple but powerful burner. Read the following article to find out your answer.

Why Burn MKV Videos to Blu-ray Disc

It is worth noting that MKV file is not an audio or video compression format but a multimedia container format. It means that MKV can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file even if they use a different type of encoding. Additionally, for the supporting of almost any audio and video format, MKV format is highly adaptive and easy to use. However, not all media players support such format because it is not an industry standard. Therefore, it is nice sometimes to burn those MKV files to Blu-ray.
Besides, burning MKV videos to Blu-ray disc can also enhance your viewing experience if you want to playback your favorite videos on your computer or high definition television at home and comfortably enjoy your spare time.

How to Burn MKV Videos to Blu-ray Disc

A powerful Blu-ray burning tool is very essential for burning MKV videos to Blu-ray disc. Here, I highly recommend you an excellent burner, that is VideoByte DVD Creator. VideoByte DVD Creator is capable of burning any video to Blu-ray disc easily and quickly. You can convert nearly all kinds of video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. to Blu-ray disc/folder. With this program, home-made movies or videos downloaded from online websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. can be burned into Blu-ray disc. Also, you can create a special and prefessional videos according to you actual needs.

Here is a guide show you how to burn MKV to Blu-ray disc with 4 steps, simple and effective.

Step 1. Run VideoByte DVD Creator on Windows

Download and install VideoByte DVD Creator on your Window computer and launch the program. Before creating Blu-ray disc, make sure that you can see the interface as below. Then choose "Blu-ray Disc" to start creating. After that, connect your computer to Blu-ray drive and insert a blank disc.

Note: Mac users are not available to enjoy this function.

DVD Creator Main Interface

Step 2. Add Videos to the Program

Click "Add Files" to import your MKV files to the software. If you have a folder of videos, you can just add the entire folder to burn to disc.
Add Media Files

Step 3. Edit Videos Before Burning

(1) In order to make your own unique Blu-ray disc, you are able to click "Video Edit" button to rotate, clip, crop, add effect and adjust videos from the pop-up windows.
Add Image Watermark
(2) Click "Audio Edit" to add other audio tracks into the video by choosing the button of "Add Audio" in the "Video Tools" bar.
Add Edit Audio
(3) You are able to "Merge Chapter", "Cancel Merger", "Split Chapter", "Cancel Split" from the "Chapter Tools" or adjust "Thumbnail Settings". From the window of "Thumbnail Settings", you can "Intercept the current video screen as thumbnail" or "Upload a local image as thumbnail".
Select Disc Type
The above editions are optional to you. You can choose the one according your requirement to make your special Blu-ray video.

Step 4. Start Burning Videos to Blu-ray

After all the settings, click "Burn" to continue choosing the "Burn Engine" or just select burning to ISO here. Lastly, you need to click "Start" to begin Blu-ray disc burning process.
Burning DVD


Now, you are aware of the tool that can help you burn MKV to Blu-ray disc and you can choose and burn files as per your requirements. With the help of VideoByte DVD Creator, it is possible for you to burn not only MKV but also any other formats into Blu-ray as well as DVD. Therefore, you are able to enjoy your favorite movie with high definition with a standard Blu-ray player or just share with your friends. Just download and try it yourself!