How to Burn AVI Video to DVD with Step-by-Step Guide

Supposing that you have many AVI video files on your Window media player, and you have saved them on your hard drive for further use. Apart from that, you also want to transfer them and play on standard DVD player freely anytime and anywhere through burning them to your DVD player easily.
However, you may find a little trouble in burning AVI videos to DVD. Luckily, you can find the effective solution to the problem by using a DVD creator. Surely, you can try some other solutions, while you may finally find that the DVD creating tool we offered could be your ideal way to solve your problem.

Best Way to Convert AVI Video to DVD

Despite the fact many offline applications are available for your choice. It is nearly impossible for you to try them one by one. However, you can try this best one. VideoByte DVD Creator undoubtedly becomes your best option if you want to guarantee the best output quality.

As one powerful and reliable free DVD burning tool, VideoByte DVD Creator could offer you the best and most effective solution to burn AVI videos or some other popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, VOB, FLV etc. to DVD easily, so that you could play and watch your own favorite DVD files on a standard DVD player freely.
You can burn many kinds of multimedia files like images, videos, and audios to Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO file. Moreover, you can also download online videos for burning to DVD. The kind program also allows to create your own favorite DVD menu with its built-in various DVD menu templates. Its real-time preview function allows to preview the loaded DVD files anytime and make necessary adjustment as you like.
Unlike other similar kinds of applications of the industry, VideoByte DVD Creator is the easy to use program for you to do the burning DVD job easily. Just take a closer look at the step-by-step guide and you may experience it with ease.

How to Burn AVI Video to DVD Easily

Insert the writable CD-ROM to CD driver on your computer. Just free download and open VideoByte DVD Creator on your desktop, the main interface would appear directly before your eyes. And then read the guide in detail.

Step 1. Load AVI Video Files

Now you may see its main interface clearly and the pop-up window where you could choose a disc type like DVD Disc or Blu-ray Disc. After you've chosen one of them, the window would close automatically.
Now you can load AVI source video files by clicking the "Add Media File(s)" button at the left corner of the main interface, or you can also click the button to add media file(s) in the middle part of the interface, or you can directly drag the target AVI videos to the window. The program with user-friendly interface would allow to operate freely.
Add Media Files

Step 2. Customize Your Desired DVD Movies

You may view the video editing tools on the right part of the interface like Video Edit, Audio Edit, Subtitle Edit, and Clip. Or you can also add background music, change the background or add opening film.
And then click the "Next" button at the right corner of the interface to activate one window where you could click the "Preview" button to preview the added AVI video files. Meantime, you can also choose its built-in Menu Template with different subjects like Holiday, Family and Wedding etc. or click the "Custom Template" button to create your own desired DVD menu.
Menu Template

Step 3. Start to Burn AVI to DVD

After you've customized all of your desired settings, you can start to burn AVI source video files to DVD easily only need to click the "Burn" button.
And then it would activate another window where you could choose the output folder(if you choose to burn to Blu-ray ISO file) or do some other burn settings. Or you could leave the output path alone by default.
Finally, you could click the "Burn" button to begin your burning process. The whole burning process could only take several minutes depending on the loaded AVI video file size. After that you could find the burned video files in the output folder that you've settled before.
Burning DVD
The way to convert AVI video to DVD with the powerful program is the best option for you. You could try the amazing software by yourself. You may find it cost-effective to burn any kinds of popular video files to DVD in a professional way. Just go and act now.